EP01: Aspen Mountain Snowcats

Ride along with our team of overnight snowcat pros and see what drives them (hint: it has to do with powder).

At the end of the day when the lifts stop spinning and the ski patrol makes their final sweep of the mountain, a group of people catch the last gondola ride to the top, their work day is just beginning.  The life of a snowcat driver starts at dusk and ends at dawn, attracting the most ardent skiers and snowboarders who crave nothing more than that first run down the fresh corduroy or untracked powder.  The snowcat drivers of Aspen Mountain have a unique story to tell, and a passion to tell it. From their hometown slopes of Ohio to the towering peaks of the Rockies, this group of friends has made a home here that transcends the story of your ordinary ski bum.

Song: “Magicians Hat” from the upcoming album Space Jazz by Michal Menert.

Matt Hobbs - Vital Films
Dave Amirault - Aspen/Snowmass

Matt Hobbs

Michal Menert

Aspen Mountain Snowcat Drivers
Derrin Carelli
John Cody
Pat Cooke

Dan Bayer

David Amirault
Lindsy Fortier

Special Thanks
Peter King - Aspen Mountain
Aspen Mountain Ski Patrol

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