EP02: Coal Mine

Aspen/Snowmass isn’t just a winter resort. We also develop clean energy projects. Our three megawatt coal mine methane plant makes as much electricity as we use annually—from an otherwise wasted resource.

Aspen Skiing Company recently partnered with the Elk Creek coal mine, Holy Cross Energy, and Vessels Coal Gas on a $5.5 million investment to capture waste methane vented from a coal mine in neighboring Somerset, Colorado to generate carbon negative electricity. The power generated from this project will produce as much energy as ASC uses annually.

Matt Hobbs - Vital Films
Dave Amirault - Aspen/Snowmass
Eric Hecht - Chase Jarvis Photography
Jon Fredericks and Louis Wilsher - Altitude Filmworks

Matt Hobbs

Michal Menert

Aspen/Snowmass Athletes
Wylie Adams
Matt Walker
Charlie Lasser
Chase DeMeulenaere
Blake Axelson
Brandon Rourghbaugh
Aidan Sheahan

Chase Jarvis
Matt Hobbs

David Amirault
Lindsy Fortier

Special Thanks
Cat Leonaitis
Meredith McKee
Mike Faas
Stutsman Gerbaz Earthmoving
Drew Roper
Andrew Price
Hootie Giangreco
Big Wrap

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