EP04: Champagne Bar

Don’t rub your eyes and look twice: that’s a snowcat towing a mobile champagne-and-caviar bar across the slopes. And you thought your local taco truck was cool.
Skiing on Aspen Mountain got a lot more fun with the addition of the world’s highest champagne bar, The Oasis. This mobile champagne bar is towed behind snowcats and relocated to a new slope every weekend in the springtime. Operated by The Little Nell, a five star hotel at the base of Aspen Mountain, the bar serves up glasses and bottles of Veuve Clicquot, as well as caviar, and features umbrellas, lounge chairs, a solar-powered sound system, flags and other eye-catching features that make The Oasis stand out as a truly unexpected and luxurious on-mountain experience.

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  • Photo by Dave Amirault
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Matt Hobbs - Vital Films
Cael Jones - Vital Films
Dave Amirault - Aspen/Snowmass
Ian Fohrman - The Public Works

Matt Hobbs

Michal Menert

Sabato Sagaria - Aspen/Snowmass Director of Food & Beverage

Dan Bayer
Dave Amirault

David Amirault
Lindsy Fortier

Special Thanks
Peter King - Aspen Mountain
Aspen Mountain Ski Patrol
Aspen Mountain Snowcat Drivers
Veuve Clicquot
All the characters of the Harlem Shake

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